Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale

Hello guys! I know, I haven’t post anything in a long time but I have some pretty cool news. Remember “Young Lex” in Smallville? Well I got the opportunity to work with him. His name is Connor Stanhope. He is a very talented young boy whom I know he’ll be a big Hollywood star in the near future!

The project that I got the chance to be part of is directed by Alison Parker ( her IMDb page). She is a brilliant director who decided on filming a movie about a young boy who is struggling with the death of his mother, and finds solace with a ferret named Jasper. By filming this movie she is reaching out to all of us who loves nature and ferrets. You can check out more about this movie at the Jake & Jasper’s Facebook Fan Page.

But they need our help Smallville fans!
They need of our support to make this movie real and give us a sweet movie to remember (with a star from Smallville of course ^_^ ). So please, you can help them by donating any amount of money to help the production of this film make it come true! Just go to and make it happen!

Here is the poster for the movie: (So happy I got to be part of this movie!)

This is me showing a picture to Falcor (Jasper the ferret), the director Alison Parker, and Jake (Connor Stanhope)

This is the still shot that I got for them for the movie. It was a lot of fun to take pictures of Connor and the cute Falcor whom plays “Jasper the Ferret”. You can go to my Flickr page to see more pictures behind the scenes of “Jake & Jasper: A Ferret Tale”. And for those who are asking for a prove that Connor was indeed in Smallville here is a picture of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Young Lex Luthor (Connor Stanhope):

Tom Welling & Connor Stanhope

Also here it is! Alexander Luthor himself! The kid and adult version of Lex.
Michael Rosembaum and Connor Stanhope!

Michael Rosenbaum and Connor Stanhope

This photo is right outside of "Luthor Corp"

If you would like to see more pictures of Connor with the rest of the cast of Smallville go to his Facebook Fan Page. But remember to help them out by donating to make this awesome movie a reality! Imagine going to watch the movie at your favorite movie theater and seeing your name listed in the credits, pretty cool, huh?

Well go DONATE NOW! Make all this possible!


Smallville Liquidation Sale

I am so sad knowing that Smallville will be off the air in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe that I wont be able to watch this TV show that made me grow up and teaching so many good thing about life, friendship, and family.

I got the chance to go to the Smallville Liquidation Sale. They were selling out the props that they used during the 10 years that Smallville continue sharing memories, tiers, and laughter. It started this Thursday April 28 at 10 AM. I got there around 11AM. The thing that I noticed the most was that there were a lot of people in their Superman T-shirts. I believe that I’m not the only one that will cry during the grand finale of Smallville.

I couldn’t take my DSLR inside but I got another small point and shoot camera with me, I didn’t took that many pictures but I hope you guys like them. The sale is still going to be until Saturday April 30th. Here’s the info if you would like to attend: Smallville Sale!
Here are the pictures. I’ll be posting more pictures soon since I’m going to the sale again later..

Comment below and tell me, what are your favorites moments of Smallville?

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Yeap!, you heard right.. it’s The Talon!. Remember that coffee shop/movie theater where Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) used to work in?. Well that place actually exist. It’s in a town named “Cloverdale”, it is still a movie theater, so everybody that wants to check out the place themselves and watch a movie are more than welcome.

Only two bad news, the inside of the “Talon” was based in another place, meaning, it’s not the same building for outside or inside. We did some research and found out that the inside was in a town named “White Rock”.

The 2nd bad news, we got a surprise when we got there. We asked the ladies working there if we could go inside of the theater just see the inside, but then she told us (my husband and me) that the actual interior that the people from CW used to filmed the talon wasn’t there anymore, the owners of the place build another theater on top of it because the original one was too old and in bad conditions (bummer!).

But at least we got the outside of the Talon, so not everything is lost!.


The exterior of The Talon is located at 57th and 176th Street in Cloverdale, BC.

The interior (behind the coffee shop, the old theater) was filmed at White Rock Playhouse, which is located at 1532 Johnstone, White Rock, BC.

Here are some pictures of The Talon..


The Talon - Smallville

The Talon

The Talon

Pictures are owned by:

© Siu Design Studio



Well, I should mention that I’m a big fan of Smallville. Not only do I like the original story of Superman, but I think that the TV show does a really good job at showing the superman that we have became to love when he was young. I know that most of you have grown up knowing of that great man who came from another planet named Krypton to save the world. In the last weekend of my vacation, my husband Gavin (thank you, I love you so much!) gave me a big surprise by bringing me to the most important location used in the TV show, “The Kent Farm”. I was so surprised, so happy to see the real farm that they still use to film Smallville. It is an actual farm, and there is a family living there currently.

While I was walking around the outside of the farm, a few things got my attention. One such thing was the sign, the “Kent Farm” sign and it’s still there! I think they knew that a lot of people were going to start wandering around trying to find the farm, so why not let the audience know that at one point, this farm was the famous home of Clark Kent (of the TV show).

The second detail that got my attention was the old wind mill. On the back side it says… “Aermotor USA”. If you actually pay attention in the episodes where they show the farm you can clearly see that those words are on the wind mill. It was a prop that they created to complete the farm.

The third detail was the colour of the house. In most of the episodes, the house was painted yellow. And guess what? It is painted in yellow in real life.

Well there are a lot of things that I noticed, but it is impossible to mention all of them.

Here are some pictures of the farm.


BTW, the address is:

839 248th Street, Aldergrove, BC.

And it is right in the corner with 8th Ave.

PS: The girl in the picture… that’s me.

The Kent Farm.

The person who gave me the surprise, my husband at the Farm.


Kent's House.

Even in real life the house is yellow, like in the tv show.

The Barn - Clark's favorite place in the Farm.

The entrance to the barn, the sign says the real name of the Farm.

Aldergrove, BC, Canada

Pictures are owned by:

© Siu Design Studio


24 Responses to “Smallville”

  1. Crazy… now I can go there in my superman costume and have some real fun.

  2. This was great! I live in England and it’s so good to know that these places really do exist. May have to take a once in a lifetime trip to Canada soon!

    • Thank you and, Yes! You should come see the places by yourself. You will have a very good time over here in Canada. Not only you can find the sets for Smallville but also for so many more TV shows and movies.

  3. Awesome!!! This is cool! I live in BC, and Cloverdale town is just a 30 minute ride from my place. I never thought that it’s possible for me to go to the real place of the show. I am a big fan of Smallville too. I should check out the place especially the farm. But, do you think the farm is still the way it was up until now? Thanks by the way!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. And about your question, yes! It is still the same way as in the TV show. It’s a real farm, they just modified it for “Smallville”. Also I’m pretty sure that if they are thinking on changing it you still have time to go check it out since you live close by and also they are still filming until march of this year. So when you get the time to go, make sure to pay attention to the place you might ended up meeting the cast. 😉 Good luck!

  4. I will so have to check out the farm some time! They actually film a lot of the show just a few blocks from my house. At one point one of the buildings had a Luthorcorp sign on it, but unfortunately they took it town before I got a chance to take a picture. You can see the Superman symbol in black on the back of a billboard though,and if you look down when you’re going between royal oak and edmonds you can see the street of Metropolis, it used to be the street of Smallville complete with Talon, before the show moved to mainly a Metropolis location. You can see the fake billboards, and the Metropolis coffee shop that is featured in the show.

    Also they’ve filmed in the park by the library by Metrotown a few times.

    I’m a little Smallville obsessed as well. 😛

    • Amazing! Thanks for the info Lauren!
      And yes! You should go check out the farm, I’m not sure but they might change it after the show is done, since they will not have another reason why to keep it the same. Have you tried taking a picture of the “Metropolis” set? I should go to the studio and see if I can get a picture of the set before they took it down for good. So sad that the show is soon to end. Such a nice TV show. 🙂

      • You can’t really see much of it from the ground, I’ve been meaning to try and take a picture from the skytrain though.

        You can see the superman shield on the back of a billboard though, gotta go take a pic of that too. 😛 My boyfriend e-mailed asking if they do studio tours, but apparently they don’t 😦 . Maybe once the show is done they’ll let fans in to see? That would be pretty cool of them!

  5. Pictures are amazing! Envy you so much!
    Hope you’ll get lots of awesome stuff! 🙂

    • Awww, I’m glad you liked the pictures! I have a couple more from the sale that I haven’t upload them yet but I will put them up soon. Also I’m waiting for the weather to change (It’s been raining all day) to go out and visit more sites that they used to filmed, so stay tuned! 🙂

  6. Hi There!

    Thank you so much for this post! I live in Abbotsford BC and I am SO SAD that I didn’t know about that liquidation sale and now it’s over! 😦

    What did you get? What cool things did you see there? I, just like you, am so sad that the show is over. I just watched the series finale and I wanted to cry!

    I think I am going to write a letter to cast members and the show thanking them for the whole series. It was a big part of me growing up….


    • Hi Carlos! I’m glad that you liked the post. I knew that a lot of people weren’t aware of the sale that’s why I wanted to show you guys at least some photos so you wouldn’t feel like you missed anything! 🙂

      Some of the stuff that I got from the show is mostly clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, and I was actually lucky because I found a “Daily Planet Box” just laying around the place (like people didn’t knew they left it out). I asked if It was for sale, and the lady told me that I should not let anyone else know that I found it, because they are not allowed to give that kind of props. So the nice lady let me take it with me because she heard about me from this blog. I also got a “Patient File card” from Lana Lang’s clinic. I will have some pictures up soon to show you guys, ok?

      And I think sending a letter to the cast its a great idea! Let me know how that works out for you!
      I also grew up watching the show since the very beginning until this last episode. I cried, laugh during the whole episode because it was the last piece that I would get to see from Smallville.

  7. Hi Eve. I am looking for the location of the house of Lana Lang, but can not find on any website. Not if you know where the house. Thanks for the help.

    • Hola Alberto, como estas? Yo tambien hablo espanol. No estoy muy segura donde esta la casa de “Lana Lang” pero te lo puedo investigar. Espero tener una respuesta en esta semana. Saludos!

      • Hola Eva
        Muy buenas fotos!
        Tienes más de la granja? Entre a Google maps hoy y por lo q vi la granja fue vendida. Hay un camión de mudanza en la puerta!
        Que objetos tienes de Smallville?

      • Hola Santiago!
        Si la granja fue vendida hace unos meses. No estoy segura si la hayan cambiado totalmente o solo la modificaron. Ojala que no la hayan quitado.

        Tengo unos cuantos objetos de Smallvile gracias a la venta que tuvieron, pero te puedo contar que tengo la cajita de Lana donde guardaba su collar, tengo ropa de Louis, una tarjeta de la fundacion ISIS que Lana y Chloe crearon, al igual que una de las cajas “TOP SECRET” del Periodico Planeta donde Clark trabajaba.

        Pronto subire fotos de todo esto para que lo vean.
        Gracias por el comentario.


    • Hola Alberto!
      Que gusto verte por aqui por mi blog.
      La casa de Lana Lang esta al lado izquierdo de la casa de Clark.


  8. Hi Eva,

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for your postings! It’s been a few years since I’ve visited this site, but I finally made my way to Vancouver from Washington D.C. in 2011 and upon your sage advice I had visited several of the Smallville sites, as well as the location for Bella’s house in the Twilight movies.

    I can only describe the locations of each of the Smallville sites as “other-worldly.” It was absolutely incredible to visit each of these sites! I especially loved driving by the Kent Farm, which was just so amazing to see. Like you, I grew up on Smallville, and as cheesy as it sounds, has always been quite near and dear to me. I wish my wife and I lived close to Vancouver so we could visit every now and again!

    Thanks so much again for sharing this information!


    • David!
      I am very glad that you had such an amazing trip!!!.
      Knowing that others are having that “other-worldly” experience (like me) thanks to my postings is just simply amazing. This is the reason why I created this little blog.
      Thank you so much for your comment, and please do let me know if you ever need any other location address.


  9. We are fans of the show so while visiting family in Seattle we took a day trip up to get photo’s in front of the Talon and the Kent Farm. Spent the night in Vancouver 2 block’s from the “Daily Planet” (Marine Building). Apparently we were just a few blocks from the Paris scene of season 4 but didn’t know it at the time. Standing in front of the Kent Farm was worth the trip.

    • I’m very glad you had the opportunity to come to Vancouver! This city is full of movie sets and locations, so next time that you come I will gladly let you know what movie or show is being filmed at the moment. 😉
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

  10. Hi Eva,

    Will be in Vancouver in Jan 2014 – Plan to drive to Surrey, Cloverdale and Aldergrove, BC. Do you think the Talon and Kent farm will still be there after the show’s been 2 1/2 years off the air?

    • Hi Sovy! I believe the Talon is still there since is being used as a Movie Theater. And about the farm, a couple months ago I heard that they sold it. So now is private property. I’m not 100% sure that the farm will still look the same as in the TV show, but I can suggest you to go take a look for yourself. if it’s still the same, you are going to have a really good time visiting that gorgeous location.

      Hope this was useful. Let me know if you decided to go!

      • Thanks for the heads up, Eva.

        I plan to be in Vancouver visiting the Kent farm, the Talon, and Daily Planet (marine building) on Saturday Jan 18th. Do you have any words of wisdom for me while I try to check out these Smallville spots?


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